What is a French Drain?

This is a special drainage system which is where we dig a trench to install a perforated pipe that would redirect surface water and ground water to a selected area. This would help eliminate flooding and protect all areas of your property.

Water that is not draining properly can cause several issues on your property including:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Home foundation failure
  • Paver and driveway erosion
  • Water intrusion into home
  • Air conditioning, outdoor equipment premature failure
  • Grass and landscaping issues
  • Flood your foundation and rot your walls.
  • Land Erosion
  • Create a breeding ground for mosquitos and other pests.
  • And the list goes on....

Keep the Grass Greener on Your Side

Hydrate your lawn in Naples, Estero or Fort Myers, FL with an irrigation system installation

Does your yard in the Naples, Estero or Fort Myers, FL area look more like a field of straw than the lush, green paradise you had in mind? You could use an irrigation system installation from Overall Outdoor Services, LLC. We'll help you choose the right system based on your location and install it with care so you can maintain that beautiful green color you've always wanted.

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"Hiring your grass maintenance company to work on an installation project is similar to hiring a cleaning lady to patch your roof. Sure she can do it but it might leak."

Proper Foundation and landscape drainage are essential to preserving your home's foundation and components such as ac units, generators, and pool equipment. These specialized systems are often referred to as French Drains.

Gutters alone are not enough, gutters collect the water from your roof and discharge it in one location. unfortunately, if there is no underground drainage or proper slope for water to flow away from the foundation the water will collect and add to existing issues.
Proper install leads to proper drainage, our specialized drainage team knows how to slope pipes at proper angles, use laser levers, when and when NOT to use T and Y connectors, which style of pipe to use and which combinations of adapters are need to achieve a proper flow. Make sure you have an expert to work on your French Drain installation.

50% of our business is repairing others' mistakes don't let your local lawn maintenance Business or handy many practice their work on your home hoping it might work or taking short cuts by using less pipe by adding T- connectors saving them money but causing you a headache. We can help and specialize in French Drain repairs if you need us to make things right.

Hire trained professionals that do the project right the first time that won't cut corners and stand behind their work, and when comparing bids make sure other contractors aren't skipping steps just to offer you the lowest price on a project that might not even work.